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Activities & Excursions
Though Alankuda Beach is an excellent place in which to while away the hours doing as little as possible, we have a range of exciting activities and excursions to offer you for when you find you might have had enough of relaxing and melting into the sand and sea.
Activities Excursions

dolphin and whale watching

Dolphin and Whale Watching   Alankuda Beach is one of those rare places in the world where these most amazing creatures of the sea can be observed with regularity and close at hand.


Kitesurfing   Our kite surfing season runs from May till October and Alankuda Beach is considered one of the top locations for experienced kitesurfers. Advanced riders can take lessons at Alankuda Beach and Guides can be provided for 'Down-winders' commencing at Alankuda Water Sports Centre. Alternatively for beginners we have our own resident AKI and IKO certified instructors on hand to offer you courses of varying lengths on the nearby lagoon. All equipment provided.

water sports

Water Sports   Water sports on offer include wind surfing, sailing on either a laser or a catamaran, kayaking and canoeing. Also on offer are exhilaraiting water wing and donut rides. All of these are available at the Boat House at Alankuda Beach.


Fishing   Two hour fishing excursions are available at the Boat House. Alternatively, you can combine fishing with a visit to Bar Reef.


Snorkelling   For a snorkeling experience closer at hand than Bar Reef, you can go half an hour by boat to the reef just off the famed St Anne’s church, having visited a typical fishing village accessible only by sea en route and enjoy an hour and a half of lazy, hazy time taking in the colourful delights of corals and the fish that inhabit them.


Diving   This is only available to PADI qualified divers holding a valid diving license. Among the many diving attractions is the not-to-missed Bar Reef Shelf. All equipment is available but 48 hours notice is required.


Bicycling   Take one of our bicycles and explore the immediate area around Alankuda Beach.

willpattu national park

Wilpattu National Park   Willpattu National Park has been closed for most of the last two decades and was re-opened recently, in April 2010. You can be among the first in years to visit the varied wild life of this, the island’s largest national park.

bar reef

Bar Reef   Bar Reef is a beautiful coral garden featuring extraordinarily beautiful coral formations with gorgeously colorful tropical fish darting in and around them.

bird watching

Bird Watching   Bird Watching in Alankuda is a Twitcher’s dream come true. While Alankuda and its environs are a delight in themselves, we can arrange specific bird watching tours further afield, accompanied by a local expert if necessary.

lagoon tour

Lagoon Tour   Take a Lagoon Tour in search of Pink Dolphins and the elusive Dugong.

cultural triangle

Cultural Triangle   For those who wish to explore the island's ancient history, the many attractions of the Cultural Triangle, with its ruined cities, temples and statues, is within comfortable reach.

munneswaram temple

Munneswaram Temple   Munnesweram Kovil is a much-storied Hindu temple whose origins date back to great antiquity. About an hour and a half away, it is well worth a visit.

st. anne's church

St. Anne’s Church   The 17th century St. Anne’s Church in Talawila, a mere five miles away, is the island’s most renowned Catholic shrine. In March and August each year, St. Anne’s hosts the largest catholic festivals in the country, when up to 700,000 pilgrims come to pray.

puttlam salt pans

Puttlam Salt Pans   The Puttlam salt pans are a half hour drive away for those interested in learning what one of our most basic condiments goes through before it ends up on our tables and in our food.

kalpitiya fort & town

Kalpitiya Fort & Town   For those who wish to explore the land around them, a visit can be made to the small, nearby fishing town of Kalpitiya. Called Calpentyn by the Dutch, who established it as an important fortified trading port, it’s now a vibrant and unspoiled fishing town with an interesting mix of historical buildings from its eventful colonial past.